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Creatures 3 Cheats

These are the main cheats for Creatrures 3, including the cheat to increase your bioenergy as it runs out fast. In order to use these cheats first you must bring up the prompt to type into by pressing the following keys simultaneously: ctrl shift c

Ship and Metarooms 
ctrl shift iTop up ship's bioenergy to maximum
setv game "bioenergy" 1000000This will set the energy to the desired value, between 1000 and 1000000
setv game "scared" 1
meta 6 1 1 1
Space invaders
meta 9 1 1 1Weirdness
meta 5 1 1 1Non-functioning pinball with
Portable Time indicator
meta 1 1 1 1Move to Ettin Desert
meta 9 8 7 0Calendar (C3)
meta 9 8 7 0Calendar (C3 with Update #2)
Creatures and Breeding 
setv game "engine_creature_pickup_status" 3
These two lines allow you to pick up
the creatures
targ norn ages 1Age the current norn
targ norn deadKills the current norn
targ norn vocb
ctrl shift v
Teach curent norn to talk, or use
enum 4 0 0 vocb NEXTTeach all norns to talk
targ norn sezz “Morning”Force norn to say Morning
setv game "c3_max_creatures" 12
setv game "c3_max_norns" 8
Increase maximum number of norns (creatures should be more than norns)
targ hots setv ov01 2Egg under hand to hatch female
targ hots setv ov01 1Egg under hand to hatch male
setv game "engine_multiple_birth_subsequent_chance" 0.5Change chance of multiple-births to 0.5 (i.e. 50%)
Objects and the Hand 
targ hots attr 2Makes item portable
enum 2 24 4 attr 199 NEXT final assemblyMake Powerups movable
enum 2 23 1 attr 198 NEXTMake Cheese machines movable
kill hotsRemove item hand is hovering over
targ pntr dropDrop object held by hand
targ pntr kill heroDelete object held by hand
targ pntr pose 1Make invisible hand visible
targ hots r g b r w s tintTint an object, where initials stand for red, green, blue, rotation and swap on a scale from 0 to 255
targ norn chem 125 1Inject current norn with chemical no. 125
targ norn chem 125 -1Reduce chemical no. 125 in current norn
Wolfling Runs 
ctrl shift wOpen/close Wolfing Control, allows both:
ctrl shift fFast ticks mode, updates at intervals
ctrl shift aAutokill to quite faulty agents
Cos Files 
ject "something.cos" 7Inject cos file something.cos
ject "something.cos" 1Remove cos file something.cos
Caos Manual 
file oope 1 "caos.html" 0 dbg: HTML 0 file ocloCreate caos manual in Journal folder



Copyright © 2005 Don