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Download Docking Station version 195

Docking Station is a completely FREE artificial life game for both Windows and Linux, developed by Creature Labs, the creators of the Creatures series of games, with online multiplayer capabilities.  Hatch and raise you own unique norns, then take them online to see how they interact with the rest of the Creatures world at the Docking Station.

Docking Station docked with Creatures 3

Registering to play Online

To play online you will need to create a Docking Station identity for yourself:

  • Load the Creatures registration page

  • Complete all the fields and click the "submit" button

  • Wait for the confirmation email in which you will find a link to activate your new account

  • Follow the link in the email and log into the website

  • Click on the "Go" button beside the words "Get Docking Station"

  • Submit the form to complete the registration process

Once you have registered a username and password you can install and run the game. If you press the red button, which shows your status is currently offline, in the top left corner of any new world it takes the game online. The button will then turn green to show you are connected. Online gameplay allows you to send and receive creatures from other players, have an instant in-game chat, or send players in-game mail.



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