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Post Creature Labs Closure - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Docking Station game back online?

Yes, the server is back online. You can read how to connect to the new server here.

Can I still visit the official Creature Labs websites?

The new Creature Labs website is here and they have a mirror of all the original websites and information available at

Where can I find the Docking Station manual?

I have a copy of the manual as a Word document and a PDF document, along with the Creatures 3 Walkthough at the "online guides" page.

Can I host any of the official Creature Labs websites or files?

No - not without permission from Creature Labs or you will be breaking the law.

Where would I find the Official Creatures Patches, Updates and Download Packs?

You can find all this at my site's 'updates' page, at DSAftermath or at the new
Creature Labs.

Can I play Docking station without an Internet Connection?

Yes, of course. The only difference will be the game won't have the online features such as sending norns through the portal, the contacts list and messaging for now.
See the faq below for how to create new worlds offline.

How do I create new worlds within Docking Station without having to register them?

If you can't or don't want to take any individual Docking Station worlds online you would run into the problem that when you create new world the game asks you to register it with the online game server. Now to create an offline-only world all you need to do is download a Login Disabler, and follow these instructions to install the agent:

  1. From the zip file you downloaded, copy the .c16 file into your
    C:\ ... Docking Station\Images\ folder and
    zzz_gamestart_login.cos file into your
    C:\ ... Docking Station\Bootstrap\010 Docking Station\ folder,
    allowing it to overwrite the existing file. Do not place this file in any other folder.

  2. Now you have finished installing the agent, load Docking Station.

  3. Click on the Create a New world button as you normally would, type in a name for your world and click the green tick button to save it. It will take you back to the initial screen.

  4. Now select the world you have just created and click the Load Selected World button. The game will then ask you to register the world online (which is no-longer possible) or exit, but you will notice you now have an extra 'continue anyway' button in the middle so just click it to continue into the game without registering.

All done! That's all you needed to do to install and create a world using the ds login disabler, so to create additional worlds just repeat steps 3 and 4.

Linux users please check mnbdontlogin.c16 is in lower case since it will not work if it has capital letters in the filename.

If you already downloaded the original ds login disabler you can follow these instructions
to use it, but I would recommend downloading the latest version as it is much simpler.

How do I stop my Windows copy of DS checking online for updates?

Find one of your shortcuts to the DS game (whether on your desktop or Start menu) then right click on it and select 'Properties' from the menu to bring up the shortcut details. Where, in the Target box, you see InstallBlast.exe change it to engine.exe instead, Then click on the 'Okay' button.

How do I stop my Linux copy of DS checking online for updates?

You need to run the game using the command: dockingstation nocheck

Now the Creature Labs and Creatures Mall websites and online shop are closed where can I download the norn packs and software originally available from the Mall?

Creature Labs have made some of these files available to download free from their website and others will be appearing at the new Creature Labs Mall that is in development.

Where can I download Docking Station version 195 for Windows?

Here is a list of several websites you can choose from:



Gameplanet NZ

ZDNet Gamespot Australia

PC World (req. registration)

Tucows (world wide mirrors)

Creature Labs

The download should be 30.2Mb; do not download the 284Kb installers as these are only shortcuts to download the game from Creature Labs so will not work.

Where can I download the Docking Station for Linux?

You can download a copy of the complete tarball from Linux NetMag - my preference since it has installation instructions on there too - or Telstra GameArena.

The download should be 22Mb; do not download the 32Kb installers as these are only shortcuts to where to download the game from Creature Labs so will not work.

My Docking Station worlds are getting pretty full now, what can I do?

If you have C3, download the five 'C3 in DS' meta-rooms from Emmental to turn DS huge!



Copyright © 2005 Don