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The Full Creatures Series

   Creatures 1 Titles 
Creatures 1
The original and by far the cutest Creatures title was a gaming and scientific phenomenon of which the author Douglas Adams famously said, "I first saw this program in the same week that evidence was discovered of life on Mars. This is more exciting."
Creatures 1 Life Kit #1
The expansion pack for Creatures 1 contains Forest, Ron and Montain norn breeds, Solution X plant killer, the Observation Kit, Grendel Scarer, Creature Cages (for quarantining your sick Norns or capturing Grendels), Crystal Balls, Potions and Lotions, Cloud Layer Butterfly and much, much more!
Creatures 1 Deluxe
This box conatins Creatures 1 packaged with the Life Kit.

The life kit has since been made available to download from the website free of charge.

   Creatures 2 Titles 
Creatures 2
The sequal to Creatures 1 and the second of the two 'classic' Creatures titles. "Explore the Shee Laboratories and discover the all-new Norns inhabiting a vibrant, living eco-system - find the Genetic Splicer and defend your Norns against the vicious and disease-ridden Grendels."
Creatures 2 Life Kit #1
The first of the two Life Kits include the Golden Desert norns, the Metamorph device which changes creature's gender, the addition of female Grendels and Ettins, the Stone of Ancient Knowledge which teaches creatures all of the words they will ever need to know, the World Switcher to allow multiple worlds to be used and more.
no box
Creatures 1 Life Kit #2
The second expansion pack for Creatures 2 was only available to purchase at the online Creatures Mall consisted of the Creation and Diversity Packs. Together these added the Frod norn breed, nesting Birds, two nutrient plants, plant killer, evolving pigeons, anteaters, humming birds, wasps, scorpions and frogs.
Creatures 2 Deluxe
This box conatins Creatures 2 packaged with the Life Kit #1.

The two life kits have since been made available to download from the website free of charge.

   Creatures 3/DS Titles 
Creatures 3
Next, Creatures 3 is a second-generation Creatures title, with all new style graphics and a plot twist involving the series taking off into outer-space.
no box
Creatures Docking Station
Docking Station is the only free Creatures title, that not only gives you a sample of the series but also has the options of 'docking' to Creatures 3, adding the Docking Station space station to the Creatures 3 star ship to increase the size of the world and adding the ChiChi norn breed to the Creatures 3 breeds.
Creatures Internet Edition
Creatures Internet Edition, also known as Creatures Gold in some countries, packages Creatures 3 and Creatures Docking Station along with the Magma norn breed and a couple of extra tools as an additional treat.

   Creatures 1-3 Title Bundles 
Creatures Trilogy
This box set contains Creatures 1, Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 as a special value pack, without any of the likfe kits or any extras.
Creatures Trilogy Gold
Unusually Creatures Trilogy Gold is a repackaged Creatures Trilogy, released at a later date.

   Creatures Village Titles 
Creatures Adventures
The first Creatures title for kids opens up the world of virtual life to a younger audience with a large, easy-to-use interface and bold, colorful graphics that invite play and exploration. From baking a cake to planting vegetables to parachuting from an airship, every activity is a joy when you share it with your very own norns.
Creatures Playground
The title Creatures Playground expands the Creatures Adventures world since installing both titles combines them to produce Creatures Village. The games together not only produce a world twice the side but open up hidden areas of land and new breeds.

   Creatures Console Titles 
Creatures on the Gameboy Advanced
The only Creatures title so far on the Gameboy Advanced.
Creatures on the Playstation
The first release of Creatures on the Playstation.
Creatures in Space, on the Playstation
Creatures in Space is the latest Creatures title released on the Playstation. For some reason this game has been referred to as Creatures 3 by some games magazines but it is quite a different game.
Creatures Project Loci on the XBox
Loci is the unfinished Creatures game for the XBox, PS2 and GameCube. Still in its early demo stages the RPG looks very promising if a publisher is found to fund its development. For more information see the Creatures Wiki.

This game is quite different from any Creatures 3D concepts.



Copyright © 2005 Don