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Loch Albia for Creatures 2

Loch Albia

Download the Loch Albia World

LochAlbia is a one level underwater world made specially for those growing Mer-Norns. They no-longer need to live in the tiny pools, instead they have the whole world to roo. I should also mention I created Lock Albia in such a way that doozers can survive underwater and all norns can swim, and the incubator room is the only area for air breathers - for use by young Mernorns - but you have to watch them or they might escape.

The Worlds are part of a joint project for COBblers by Mk112 and I, and add-on packs for Alblivion and LochAlbia will appear soon. As yet the worlds hold only the very basic scripts to sustain life and minimum rooms. If you produce any rooms [with graphics], cobs or even breeds for the worlds e-mail us and the best will be hosted here for everyone to download.



Copyright © 2005 Don