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Don's Meta-Room Expansion Kit for C3/DS


Each new meta-room for Creatures 3 or Docking Station is considered to be a rectangular area set within a two dimensional "map" of 10,000 by 10,000 units. You can see a list of the co-ordinates of all the current meta-rooms over at the Norngarden website's RoomPlan page.

Problems have recently arisen because the original meta-room map has become practically full. This has meant that we have had to expand the map to a size of 100,000 by 100,000 units to provide space for new rooms.

Updating Your Games

Creatures 3 Map Extension Update - Docking Station Map Extension Update

To allow your game to support this change you will need to download and install one or both of the files above, depending on which games you own, according to the instructions.

Since these updates will only ensure that worlds you start from now on will use the new map size you may also wish to expand the size of your existing worlds. To do this you need to load each Creatures 3 / Docking Station world, open the CAOS Prompt by pressing [ctrl] [shift] and [c] together, and type:

mapd 100000 100000

You can then press the Return key on your keyboard to enter the command, followed by [ctrl] [shift] and [c] again to close the CAOS Prompt.

New Meta-Room Maps for Developers

New C3DS Developer Maps

Developers who use the official C3DS Map Editor tool to create new rooms might be interested in our new set of .2er files, above, that support the new map size of 100,000 by 100,000 units.



Copyright © 2005 Don