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C3/DS Official Norn Packs and Breeds

Here's where all the initial norn breeds and species come from:

Docking Station, free to download

Chi-Chi norn.

Creatures 3

Bengal, Bruin and Civit norns, ettins and grendels.

Creatures Internet Edition / Gold

All of the above plus Magma norns.

These norn packs and breeds will be available to purchase again shortly from Gameware Europe, who now own Creature Labs, over at If you already own any of the following breeds you might like to download the relevant extra egg packs from our "game updates" pages.

Norn Packs

The four norn packs Creature Labs created and were selling at the Creatures Mall each "with four completely new breeds of Norn and loads of neat agents - everything from weird plants and cool toys to strange gadgets and even stranger bugs and critters."
These include the Hardman norn, Toxic norn, Treehugger norn and Bondi norn.

Norn Breeds

There are seven new norn breeds, also previously available from the Creatures Labs Mall, which have new graphics but the same genetics as the original norns.
The creatures in this group are the Harlequin norn, Magma norn, Siamese Norn, Banshee grendel, Astro norn, Fallow norn and Zebra norn.

So in total there are, oficially, fourteen norn breeds, two grendel breeds and one ettin breed. How many of these do you have?



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