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The Spring Norn




It isn't just the sprites you should be looking at with this breed as you see Mor's speciality is genetics. The Spring Norn was the first norn to use Mor's super-aging features that brings the norns to adulthood from birth instantly, as opposed to 45 minutes naturally, and breedable in one second; making them perfect for wolfing runs and 6th May 2000 I persuaded Mor to release the Spring Norns after producing the .att files.



Download the Spring Norn


Male Spring norns | Female Spring norns
    Elderly Spring norns | Colourful Adoption Pack


The first two links are the necessary male and female breed installers, followed by the optional elderly Spring Norn sprites. If you like the look of the colouful norns above the fourth link - the adoption pack - is a must!



Spring Norn Vendor


Download vendor

In honour of this special occasion I have produced the Spring Vendor so your norns might also enjoy spring sweets.



Copyright © 2005 Don