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Terra Nornia for Creatures 1

The Story

Albia was getting overcrowded. The Hand was keeping up to 24 norns and hordes of grendels in a world meant at most for 12 norns and one grendel. Food had never been that abundant and it was running short. In the overcrowding and starvation it was even rumored that some creatures were living on Breaded Hatchling Norn!

Then word came that a new world was opening up. Two of the Handish had created a world where the inequities and lack of foresight of the Shee deserters had been corrected. A world with abundant rooms and the privacy of locking doors. A world filled with food, drink, toys and the amenities of life. A world where all consenting adult creatures could do as they liked with each other. A world with a larger vocabulary. A world with, dared they believe it, seasons!

Terra Nornia

Designed by Sandra Linkletter and Lis Morris

Download Area

Unzip these files into the appropriate subfolders of C:\Program Files\Creatures\

The world file in the main directory

Background image to be placed in \Images\

The documentation

Image files to be placed in \Images\

Sound files to be placed in \Sounds\

Terra Nornia can then be loaded instead of the standard Albia worlds by renaming world.sfc to albia.sfc and burrows.sfc to world.sfc Alternatively you could install BoBCoB and enabling the Creatures 1 cheat modes via Tools, Preferences, Cheats tab within the program's menu. Then when you next load the game you will find you can open, save and close worlds from the Creatures top menu.



Copyright © 2005 Don