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Creatures Tips - C2 Splicing Machine

How to Splice, deathlessly - You can't fail with this guide

You need to pick out the two creatures you want to create a third from, but remember, without my SafeSplice cob the first two will die! The next part can be handled in two different ways.

Method one: If you wish to walk your creatures to the Splicer you will need to bring them to the room illustrated, and once you have the norns there click the far left computer and then click the red button shown above their heads in the image. The button will turn green and a black and yellow vehicle will appear. If the pair are over the right hand side of the room the vehicle will collect them and take them to the Splicer.

The alternative is to download my Pick Up cob (based on a simple script cobblers use all the time) which you can use to move the norns to the Splicer room (see below). You must open the Object Injector and it should be the first object on the list. After you have moved both the norns individually remember to keep the Injector open as you will need it again. Now you will need to inject my SafeSplice cob which will stop Splicer deaths. Don't forget that step, although you will only need to do it once per Creatures world.

The room above is the Splicing room, you can drop the norn straight into the pods using the PickUp cob, then click the force field button (on the front of the pods) if you have used the cob; alternatively click the button and the norns will be drawn into them (providing they are close enough) as shown below.

The above object, once clicked will start the Splicing process, the cages will fill with a purple mist and your little creature will be born in the ettins' birth place shortly afterwards.

Congratulations on your new spliced creature!



Copyright © 2005 Don