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Description of the Petz Web Fun Pack
The Petz Web Fun Pack is a web-ready assortment of Dogz and Catz clip art, animations, backgrounds, buttons and banners - free for you to use on your web page. Whether you already have a web site or are creating one from scratch, you can use this easy-to-use Petz clip art collection to really make your pages come alive!

Getting Started
Using the Petz Web Fun Pack is really easy! Just launch your Internet browser and use it to surf the Web Fun Pack HTML (short for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, the code used to make web pages) pages. Just start with "intro.htm", the Fun Pack introductory page at the root level of your "Fun Pack" directory. From this point on, surf the Fun Pack pages much same way you would sites on the Internet. Once you've found something that you want to use for your web page - simply right-click and save your selection in the directory which houses your web site images.

Dragging-and-dropping files directly from Web Fun Pack folders into the correct folder for your web site is another way to copy stuff. This is also very easy to do because everything is organized for you inside the main directory ("Fun Pack") according to category.

Contents of Petz Web Fun Pack
The Fun Pack directories are well organized, so locating any of these clip-media is hassle-free. If you open your Petz Web Fun Pack directory ("Fun Pack"), you will see the following first-level directories, which contain even more directories organized according to the following categories:

  • Animations - with exciting Dogz, Catz, Toyz and Treatz GIF animations!
  • Backgrounds - you guessed it, web page backgrounds.
  • Buttons - a wonderful assortment of Dogz and Catz inspired web buttons.
  • Clip Art - containing a fabulous collection of still images of Dogz, Catz, Treatz
    and Toyz included in the Web Fun Pack. Use these images for your web page.
  • Petz Banners - here are some nifty Petz Banners for linking to
  • HTML - HTML pages that allow you to 'surf' the Web Fun Pack using your Internet browser.

Terms and Conditions of Use
Use of the Web Fun Pack is free to all but subject to the terms of the Petz Web Fun Pack License Agreement described below. Please read the agreement before using anything from the Web Fun Pack on your web site.

Petz Web Fun Pack License Agreement
Ubi Soft Entertainment grants non-exclusive rights to anyone using the Petz Web Fun Pack for making web sites, until notice is hereby given otherwise.