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Docking Station Meta Rooms

   Name   Author 
Norn Garden
A must-have meta room. It's spacious and so well designed; Do check on your norns regularly to see that they do not drown.

Enter the room from the bottom level of the Norn Messo, on the far right.

Helen and tomtschek
Norn Garden Christmas Room
The Norngarden now has a new Christmas room.

There is a small red and green transporter agent to get there.

Mkid112 and Tomtschek
DS Photo Room
A room in which you can post and take photographs of creatures.

Has an agent to transport your norns in individually.

Mt Threstle
Small additional two-level meta-room.

Use the dresser in the Norn Messo to teleport your norns im. Does not always install if other rooms are present.

Uttar and Tim (Creatures Creations)
Hydroponics Bay
An expansive and well designed room designed for Creatures 3, but can work with DS.

Does not always install if other rooms are present.

Theo and BioNorn
Five Creatures 3 rooms in DS
The C3 Crypt, Norn Terrarium, Grendel Jungle, Aquarium and Ettin Desert for undocked DS worlds only. Requires C3.

Has a series of portal agents to transport norns into each meta-room.

Emmental and Data
The first 3rd Party metaroom for Creatures 3, complete with Infirmary tools.
Hosted here.

Can be installed into DS, but does not always install if other rooms are present.

Lis Morris
Agent Room
A totally empty space-backdrop room where the C3 creator would be. Now you can inject C3 agents in undocked worlds.

Not really a room for raising creatures in, it was designed as an agent testing area.

Bug's Temple
Download from the bottom of the page.

A very interesting world from Bug's Lair.
A three-level temple with some very unique graphics.

Random's Room
Empty room of several levels for testing purposes. In a similar vein to the Agent room.

Not really a room for creatures, but you can carry a few dispensors in. Download from the 'Meta Rooms' page.

Terra (& Terra Reborn)
A wonderful world for your Docking Station with its own ecology, in the style of Creatures 2! Mirrored here.

Does not always install if other rooms are present. The door is by the Egg Layer.

Liger, MKid12 and MNB
The Tropics
A two level meta-room with a variety of fun agents, tools and plant dispensors. Has a rock-like agent to transport your norns there.

MNB no longer wishes The Tropics to be available.
MNB, Mandy and Helen
The AquaGarden, or 'Norngarden 4', is not only the first ever underwater meta-room for C3 and DS but, released December 2003, it also is only available for those who take part in the NornGarden Give-to-Get-Special.

The Abyss
The Abyss was created with Magma norns in mind so expect it to be hot.

Nb. This first beta release it so steamy it requires teleporters for your norns to reach it! Safety first.




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