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AmberCreatures News Front


To summarise the current situation, Creature Labs is now a division of Gameware Europe. The official Creatures website is with a mirror of the original sites at and the Docking Station server is back online so the game can be played online without a login disabler! Now lets catch you up on the news to date...

Gameware Development
Yahoo DS-Aftermath
Creature Labs FAQs
Official Site, Mirror

March. After Creature Labs closed its doors 20th March 2003 the community stired and started working together to ensure everything would continue as normal until CL made their expected announcement as to the future of Creatures and Creature Labs. To find out what happened read on...

When the News Hit. Following the closure of Creature Lab's Creatures Mall on February 4th and the staff cut backs in which several well known members of the team had to leave Creatures Labs closed 20th March 2003 due to finincial difficulties. The community was in shock and it was only following this entry and then this follow up in Creature Lab's Marketing Manager, Lisa de Araujo's weblog that it began to sink in.

Creatures to Live On. Luckily for us, despite still having to close, CL gained a court order allowing them to onsell Creature Labs as a whole and it was Gameware Europe who then bought our precious Creatures. At the time an announcement was made at the offical website as to the status of Creatures:

"The rights to the Creatures brand name were sold off and, thankfully, sold into good hands. The new owners of Creatures are a company called 'Gameware Europe', which was set up, in part, by a gentleman called Ian Saunter who ... has been involved with Creatures for a long time. In fact, he has been Development Director for several years and, before that, contributed in no small part to Creatures 1."

The article went on to say,

"What is planned for the near future, is getting the Docking Station servers back up, and a lot of the web based features that went with the game. ... In the meantime, Gameware [have] put the pages from the old Creature Labs website back online, until such time as they've organised their own facilities."

Docking Station Back Online. Gameware Development kept their word and brought the Docking Station server back online on June 8th 2003 with the following message:

"Ladies and gentlemen, at around 23:00 hours localtime, here in the UK, one of the Docking Station servers was switched back on to make sure it would work. Currently we are *not* running a full system, hence there is no redundancy to cope with any system failures or overload. That said if you would like the chance to once more enter the Warp then now's your chance..."

To connect to the new server just rename server.cfg to server.cfg2 in your Docking Station folder, and either make sure you are not trying to connect with an unregistered world or create and register a new one. If you do not have a DS account or have forgotton your password visit If you experience any problems then pop in to GE's support forum set up by Mark Stamps, which is also where any news or developments are posted to the CC direct from Gameware Europe.

Soon to meet Gameware Europe. It's now October 17th 2003 and there has been a lull in news from GE for a while. The CC has been eagerly awaiting word of the promised website that will put GE back in the center of the community - and just as importantly, when and where the Creatures Mall norn packs and other products will be sold - and it looks like we may have an answer soon. Just a couple of minutes ago this message was posted to the support forum:

"Hi folks. I'm not really an official spokesperson, but am working on the Gameware website. I'm just in the process of adding enough content to get the site opened. The weeks do slip by, but I suspect that we've got less than a week until launch. More information closer to the time! Cheers, Lisa"

So it looks like we will finally get the chance to welcome Gameware Europe to the Creatures Community by this time next week. Go search out your party hats and crackers as I'm up for a celebration!

October 31st. Today at 7pm opened its doors to the CC with an all new Creatures website and forum. That have arrived!



Copyright © 2005 Don