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About the Webmaster



As I may put in any online profile, I am a young, female software engineer from the UK, going by the nickname Don and my main interests are A-Life and enjoying real life. You should be able to tell from that I like to keep my offline self quite seperate and never give away much information over the Internet.

It was back in 1996 when I first saw the Creatures box that I became facinated by artificial life. Creature Labs' Creatures 1 had the most amazing cover, with images of small, detailed norns within a wonderful environment and clips of different health, chemical and brain monitors that just made you stop in your tracks. I had to buy the game, and when the first egg wobbled, paused, wobbled, paused, wobbled a little more, cracked and then a baby norn popped out... well that was me hooked, and I've been here ever since!

I believe I am now a well known member of the online communities I support, often free for a casual chat and I usually offer game/software/hardware support where I can due to my background in computers. Well, I must get back to updating this site or it'll never get finished ;)

Take care and I'll see you inside.



Copyright © 1996-2006 Don