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About this Website





I began writing the WebPets back in 1996 when I joined the online Creatures Community and became interested in exploring and expanding the Creatures game.  I produced my first Creatures 1 world following a work placement with CyberLife, now Creature Labs;  The Amber City was a mystical city built out of precious gems, complete with its own range of new objects, for which I created a website to host it on, the AmberDawn.


As my site diverged for more virtual life games (each called AmberX, eg. AmberOddballz) and went through various revamps over the years, it became a whole network of separate sites so I put all of that together (with the traditional virtual pet use of the letter Z for plural) and called it VirtualAmberz network; although now AmberZoo just seems easier.


Present Day


I have recieved {hidden} visitors to date and been granted permission to produce my own, third party, game add-ons and host original demos and downloads for several virtual life titles.


The latest big re-write is the May 2003 revamp for which I decided to buy the shiny new domain name www.amberzoo.co.uk to accompany my www.amberz.net address.  This update was long overdue since a string of free hosts deleted much of my content - mainly due to my site receiving too many visitors for their liking/bandwidth.


March 2005 the website has moved to a new domain of www.webpetz.com ready for the complete revamp due to be uploaded later in the year.


and How?


For those of you who are interested in how I produce my website, I may have to dissapoint you since I write it all in Notepad in order to have full control over every page.  The graphics I produce in Adobe Photoshop, using Paint for the finer details; I have experience in using Maya and 3D Studio Max but have not had need of them for this site as yet.  I should also note I have avoided using frames and javascript this time around to ensure that everyone can visit my site quickly and hassle free.



Copyright © 1996-2006 Don