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Plants and Food for Creatures 2



Food Life Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Wacky Eggs Vendor
Dispenses edible eggs for your Norns. One bite and they won't be able to control them selves! Many updates are added. Including DANCE for Boney Grendels and future dancing genomes.
Mr nStuff
This adds two more locations for the coconuts to sprout. Locations are near the flugelhorn and the ScienceKit power-up. The coconuts near the power-up are of a C1 breed.
Mr nStuff
This injects converted C1 deadly mushrooms. Except this breed won't kill your Norns. They just make them feel really good.
Mr nStuff
Hive and Honey
This will inject C1 Beehives and Honey Jars into Albia.
Mr nStuff
Albian Bong Update
This is an update to The Albian Bong by SteerPike.
Mr nStuff
Hollow Coconuts
This cob is dedicated to Snowcalico, because she thought of the idea in her story "My True Home", and also because she's a cool person, anyway. It's a hollowed out coconut from the palm tree that can be used to carry water to sick or thirsty norns. Fill it up either by starting a pump and placing the coconut under it, or by dipping it into a pool of water.
Lis Morris
The Skyfruit
This cob was designed with the angel norns in mind, but any norn can eat skyfruit- if they can catch them! Possibly the silliest plant in Albia? Download them and see...
Lis Morris
The Radar Plant
This is the radar plant, a plant that grows in the volcano, feeding off the radioactivity there. Its seeds are released from the fruit after it is eaten. Great for starving grendels! Best of all, the fruits contain the antidote to heavy metal poisoning.
Lis Morris
Bilberry Bush
This plant grows in area of low inorganic nutrients, where nothing else will grow. It provides fruit, but more importantly, it can outcompete death cap mushrooms, until eventually they will all die out. Albia's first biological control.
Lis Morris


Food Life Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       



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