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Life for Creatures 2



Food - life one two - Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Breedable Ettin and Breedable Grendel Packs
Everything you need to allow your grendels and ettins to breed in the world! Included in each pack is a breedable creature genome, and a cob to alter the grendel or ettin mother to make two creatures of random sex, and another cob to allow them to breed. The genome is different to all previous attempts to make a breedable ettin or grendel, in that it isn't based on a norn genome- this genome is entirely natural, but with the dormant breeding genes activated.
Lis Morris
New genomes
These genomes enable your ettins and grendels to live happier lives. Based on the original genome, they have some behavioural tweaks that should make them generally happier creatures. To install, open up your /creatures 2/genetics folder. Look for gren.gen and ettn.gen, and save them under another name. Then place the gren.gen and ettn.gen from this pack in the folder. All new ettins and grendels in the game will be happier.
Lis Morris
Ettin Sounds
This file gives your Ettins voices.

Mr nStuff
Albian Cactus Critter
The Albian Cactus Critter. Good for eating up your cactus plants.
Mr nStuff
This soothing COB was originally a part of the C1 map.
Mr nStuff
Spider 2
This COB was originally a COB addon for C1.
Mr nStuff
Grendel & Ettin Control
This does all sorts of cool stuff to Albia. The main result will be Grendel & Ettin families that do not get out of hand.
Mr nStuff
C1 Beetle
This is the Albian Carrot/Potato/Ect Beetle from C1.
Mr nStuff
Borg Doozer
Cybernetic doozers can be hazardous to regular doozers. Resistance is pretty much futile.
Mr nStuff
Speedy the Dooser
Speedy is not a normal dooser... he knows all the albian vocabulary, and calls out a random word every few paces. He doesn't mind norns being about, as long as they don't try to eat him...
Lis Morris


Food - life one two - Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       



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