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Movers for Creatures 2



Food Life Toys Tools - movers one two - Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Get over Here
This COB Rounds up and Teleports your Norns to the Button. I made this so that I could easily get all my Norns where I needed them. But it turned into much more than a teleporter! This updated version adds two more buttons when using the Setup function.
Mr nStuff
Mover Buttons
This COB speaks for it's self. It adds a total of seven buttons to Albia. All for summoning the movers.
Mr nStuff
This COB by JayD bridges the two oceans for easy transport for norns. JayD has allowed me to modify his COB. It now has a fully working remove option.
Mr nStuff
Adds a Shelf above the springs in the Incubator Cave.
Mr nStuff
Room 12 Update
This alters the floor in Room # 12, stopping those pesky cactii from growing down in that cave.
Mr nStuff
Button Lock
This COB will disable any button it is placed on making lift access impossible for Creatures.
Mr nStuff
Walk on Rock
This COB edits one of the rooms in Albia, i.e. the one by the waterfall, to allow your creatures to walk on the rocks and even - gasp! - fall off into the tube below?
Mr nStuff
Floor Update
This useful COB straightens out a couple of floors (near the volcano and submarine bay) so that creatures won't get stuck there any more.
Mr nStuff
Now you and your creatures can activate the clouds with a push or a pull. Once activated, the cloud will shoot out a bolt of lightning. Norns will not only get hurt with it's powerfull forces, they will be pretty danged shocked aswell.
Mr nStuff
Room 146 Update
Which is more commonly known as that bit where the norns get out of the submarine and fall smack into the water, to drown. Not anymore!.
Mr nStuff


Food Life Toys Tools - movers one two - Packs Updates       



Copyright © 2005 Don