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Life for Creatures 3 Docking Station



Food Life Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Grendel Ettin Egg-Layer Control Agent
Controls the functioning of the Ettin and Grendel layers
Creature Labs
Sample two genetic codes and then inseminate the third Creature clicked on. Docking Station (and C3 when Docked), C3 version included.
Mr nStuff
Doozer DS
Yep. It is definitely that Doozer from Creatures 2, here to hop around your Starship and teach Norns stuff nStuff! Version 1.1 for Docking Station with C3 Installed (C3 Docked Optional), C3 version included.
Mr nStuff
Gaia is sort of a combination of a new creature, and a new agent. Sounds impossible? It's not. Gaia is the ship's onboard computer system, and is able to keep the ship nice and healthy. She can control bioenergy levels and the ecology of the ship. However, she also has her own needs- and gets tired and bored if you don't look after her! Make sure you read the 'General Care' section of the readme to learn all her various quirks.
Lis Morris
The Peace Grendels inc Quentin
Meet Quentin, a gengineered grendel who likes norns. He doesn't constantly hit them like most grendels. In fact, he seems to mostly ignore them! Say goodbye to grendel misery. Quentin is the first of the new grendel breed the Peace Grendels, a race of grendels that can safely mix with your norns. This version has been altered to allow the female grendel head to appear in the egg layer agent after installation of patch 2.
Lis Morris


Food Life Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       



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