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Tools for Creatures 3 Docking Station



Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Contact Book Cleanup
You will find this to be one of the most useful agents you ever download for Docking Station as it allows you to remove contacts from your list. "After logging off, this little agent removes all contact book entries not marked as 'friends'"
Gregor "Supermax"
Advanced Autosaver
The agent is so useful for ensuring your game is regularly saved to minimise loss in the case of Docking Station crashing. It does this by saving automatically after each birth, death and warp event.
Gregor "Supermax"
Biopellet Agents
Top up your bioenergy reserves with this compact waste material
Creature Labs
Detector Agent
Detects Creatures Dependency
Creature Labs
Norn to Inventory
Adds a button inside your Inventory panel. If you push this button while a Creature is targetted. That Creature will be placed in your Inventory. But watch out! He might start tossing some of your Agents out of there!
Mr nStuff
See what your Creatures see just like in Creatures 2.
Mr nStuff
Hoverdoc Update
With this update use (Ctrl+H) to goto the Hoverdoc. Alternatively now you can use (Ctrl+Shift+H) to bring a Hoverdoc to you instead.
Mr nStuff
Game Stats
Displays the season and time of day using Creatures2 graphics. It does alittle bit more stuff. Try viewing the Help.
Mr nStuff
Norn Poser
A micro-miniature tool for finding Norn poses. This uses tiny little buttons for selecting pose numbers (up to 170) and changing the direction your Norn is facing. Docking Station (and C3 when Docked)
Mr nStuff
Say Name
Creates a little button on your GUI above the selected Creatures name. Clicking it creates a text bubble with the selected Creatures name. Alternatively pressing Ctrl+N works. Docking Station (and C3 when Docked)
Mr nStuff


Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       



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