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Toys for Creatures 3 Docking Station



Food Life Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
It's nStuff's Creatures 2 Dodgeball using C2 graphics. It bounces off norns.
Mr nStuff
The C2 Punching Gun. Great for ridding off those Grendel infestations..
Mr nStuff
Xenophobic Goo
I bet you didn't know you were desperately in need of xenophobic goo for your world, huh? Well, now you know. The xenophobic goo is a connectable agent that when fired repels creatures back the way they came. Great for making barriers. Try connecting it to a creature detector.
Lis Morris
Perpetual Teacups
Perpetual teacups are an ettin's dream, teacups they can carry about and steal to their heart's content. Once hoarded by the ettins, they reappear somewhere else on the ship for rehoarding. With teacups around, your gadgets are safe! Perpetual teacups come in a set of 12, and each set is uniquely coloured.
Lis Morris
The Pyramid of Time
This metal pyramid contains an ancient bonsai tree that is capable of telling both the time of day and the season. Obviously, it can't tell you the actual date- whoever heard of a tree that could count?
Lis Morris


Food Life Toys Tools Movers Packs Updates       



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