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Tools for Creatures 3 Docking Station



Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Squito Smacker
A cool little C3 bugfix for mosquito over population. If you leave your computer running C3 for a long time and the hand happens to be in the Jungle Terrarium all the mosquitoes will hover around the hand, mate, and multiply forever. This can cause serious slow downs and even system hang-ups. This fix simply gives the lonely hand the ability to slap around mosquitoes and kill them. If your AFK for a short while the hand will smack thoughs extra mosquitoes dead.
Mr nStuff
EM Jammer
Disrupts just about anything with electrical components it is placed on. Gadgets and buttons will be cloaked so that Creatures can't see them. Place EM Jammer's on machines, doors, gadgets, buttons, and learning machines. Version 0.2 Docking Station (and C3 when Docked)
Mr nStuff
C3 Spaceship Repair Tool
Here's a little program that fixes machinery on your spaceship that has been autokilled due to injecting faulty agent files or whatever. It can also fix your ecology if you've had a bit of a disaster in your terraria.
Lis Morris
This connectable agent gives your norns the equivalent of a week at a health spa! It cleans out all those little tag ends of poison that confuse the disease and illness screens, and the antigen detector. It is not, however, a wonder cure all- it will only deal with quantities of toxins less than one bar on the medical screens. Simply place it on the ground next to your norn, and fire.
Lis Morris


Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       



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