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Tools for Creatures 2



Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Simple agent that when injected picks up the current creature allowing them to be moved. I made this cob in desperation when trying to tempt one of my norns from the lower levels of Albia without much luck.
This COB is used for organizing certian Albia things that tend to get alittle unorganized. Excluding the toys organizer, all others are set to completely remove the object selected from Albia using the remove. And the install will put them back.
Mr nStuff
This is a doctor bot for your Creatures that will always keep them at optimum health. Also includes an Egg Sitter and Wall/Floor getter outer!
Mr nStuff
Room Info
Thanks to Slink and Mannkind for the X Y Locator. This COB is pretty much a chopped up version of the X Y Locator. Mr nStuff made it to get the room numbers in Albia. Then added the Room Info PLUS!
Mr nStuff
Birth Control
This monitors the norn population to make sure that there are only 6 norns in the population at the same time, aswell as no more than 6 eggs. Also makes sure that most babies are born the sex they need to be to keep even numbers of male and females.
Mr nStuff
A COB that will take the sperm of any male you want and impregnate your chosen female!
Mr nStuff
Egg Store
This allows you to store up to 10 eggs in as many host Creatures you need. The Creatures can then be exported and will save the egg information to be used in a different world.
Mr nStuff
The Eye of All-Seeing
Especially for Halloween, here's a slightly scary Eye that will look after your norns! It will watch over them, and zoom the camera over to any norns suffocating or unconscious. To switch it off, click on the Eye. To zoom to the cob quickly, reinject it.
Lis Morris
Sleep Restore
This cob removes the 'updated sleep script' from the world. Why? Lis found that the sleep update actually decreases good behaviour over time, not increases it.
Lis Morris
A couple of cobs useful for your norn's long term health. The 'Brain friendly food' cob injects the selected norn with nutrients, without giving it reward for having eaten. The Universal Antidote is a cure-all for poisoning, and can also help repair damaged organs after unconsciousness or illness. Please note that neither of these injections work while the norn is asleep or unconscious.
Lis Morris


Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       



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