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Tools for Creatures 2



Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       

   Name   Author 
Eat you Stupid Norn!
We've all had norns that simply refuse to eat. Well, this cob forces them to do so, by firing neurones in their brains. They can learn from this action that eating in future is a good idea! There are two versions: One that makes them eat fruit, and another that makes them eat food.
Lis Morris
The Nornball
This cob was designed in response various requests. It basically acts as a scuba kit for your norns- click on it to activate it, and it'll turn into a colourful transparent globe, surrounding the selected norn, and supply it with oxygen, no matter what the environment. It will also instantly revive unconscious norns- no need for the science kit applet! Very useful for getting mernorns and gill norns back to the sea. Click it again to deactivate it.
Lis Morris


Food Life Toys - tools one two - Movers Packs Updates       



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